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It always makes me happy to see Wendy at a shoot – it means that the essence of the production is going to be accurately captured! - Jim Hutchison, Lighting Designer,

Wendy has a true talent for capturing that "exact moment" in any situation...the highpoint of a phrase, that split second that a powerful emotion is offered by a performer, and the one breath when everyone's eyes are actually open! Her photos have added a vivid new dimension to the promotion of the Philharmonic in print and especially online.-Michelle Winters, Director of Marketing, Oklahoma City Philharmonic

MY GOD, those photos are AWESOME!!! And...Once again, you have provided for me EXCELLENT stuff to include in my upcoming Brochure/Flier. GREAT FACES!!! YOU'RE THE "BOMB"!!! Keep up the outstanding work! What a wonderful Marriage of Actor "Acting", and Photographer "Snapping". I could never adequately praise each "Praiseworthy" one here, so, I'll just say "THANKS!!!" You are every bit as good or better than anyone that has photographed me in a Broadway National Tour in New York.-Jonathan Beck Reed, Actor

In my 30-plus years of professional theater, from big Broadway shows to small experimental theater on the cutting edge, I have never had the privilege of working with a better "shooter" than Wendy Mutz. Her eye, her artistic sensitivity and her professionalism combine to let her capture that ephemeral "essence" of a moment, a show or a particular actor in altogether fresh and unique way.-Donald Jordan, Actor, Artistic Director, Oklahoma CITY REPertory Theatre

Wendy's work is fantastic. She has an eye that uniquely catches the soul of the artists she photographs.-Nick Demos, Producer, DemosBizar Productions

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL MY PICTURES. You are the best and I will tell the world!MUAH!-Hillary Finch, Client

Wendy!!! Your work is ALWAYS wonderful! Your work is very important! We have practically been INSISTING that ALL our students auditioning for Lyric, Music Theater of Wichita, Jewel Box, Summerstock, etc. have you take their headshots. EVERYONE reports back a GREAT experience, thankful for the recommendation.-Jonathan Beck Reed, Spotlight Acting Academy

Wendy Mutz takes the magic created on our stage and captures it forever in vivid, professional quality photographs. We count on her excellent work in many aspects of our business and we are amazed time after time with the results.-Amy Russo, PR and Marketing Director, Lyric Theatre